Online SEL Lessons
during COVID-19 school closures

School-Connect Standards Alignment

School-Connect lessons meet the requirements of many social and emotional learning (SEL) standards, counseling guidelines, freshman seminar programs, and Common Core. CLICK to view any of the sample standards alignments below:

If you would like us to assess how School-Connect aligns with your state's or program's standards, please e-mail Julea Douglass ( and we will review your standards and e-mail you back a lesson alignment.

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What have you learned from this class?
Please write at least three things:

  • "How to apologize"
  • "How to manage emotions"
  • "Study habits"
  • "I've learned that failure is a key to success"
  • "I have learned how to manage time"
  • "How to fight off victimitis"
  • "I have learned how to see the perspective of others"
  • "Relationship skills"
  • "Relationship management"
  • "How not to cause more conflict"
  • "How to disagree without being disagreeable"
  • "How to create a good first impression"
  • "I learned how to organize the classes in the planner"
  • "To have a growth, not fixed, mindset"
  • "The power of thought"
  • "I have learned how to make a real apology"
  • "Pop culture's 'beauty' is not true beauty"
  • "Eye contact"
  • "I've learned to push myself to the goals I want for myself"