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Implementation Options

School-Connect: Optimizing the High School Experience is implemented in a variety of ways within high schools and youth organizations. This section describes implementation options, beginning with the most widely used, and provides links to real-life "school stories" that exemplify different approaches.

Amount and Frequency of Lessons

School-Connect is best implemented two to five days a week within a classroom setting. Lessons are timed for 40 minutes but can be adjusted up or down, or broken up to fit into shorter sessions, such as for an advisory. If feasible, allow time for students to discuss Application/Reflection assignments and their experiences in applying skills learned in the program to real-life situations. While schools with time constraints may need to pick and choose lessons to present, they should keep in mind that the curriculum is developmentally sequenced -- the more lessons covered and the more closely the proper order is followed -- the better the outcome.

Teacher Quality

Teachers presenting the lessons should be comfortable with the concepts and strategies they will impart to students. Ideal presenters possess and apply many of these skills in their own life and see personal development as an ongoing, lifelong process -- one that is both rewarding and enriching. Presenters, therefore, should be willing to work on skills they need to improve in themselves. This requires a certain amount of openness, humility, and humor on the part of teachers as they share the ups and downs of becoming socially and emotionally literate. Administrators should select presenters on this basis, rather than on which teachers are available to teach the course.

As long as a school meets these conditions for dosage and presenters, the program can find a "home" in different types of courses.

Implementation Options:

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To Teach My Students, I Had to Learn First

Article excerpt: There's a saying that we often teach that which we need to learn. The opportunity this curriculum and class has given me to become a better teacher, a better mother, a better wife, and a better human is undefinable. I think every teacher should have the opportunity to connect with their students this way at least once in their career. CLICK for full story

Spanish Translations

All Modules 1-4 student handouts are available in Spanish through the online iPortal and included in any purchase of Modules 1-4 materials.

Tips on Implementation
Vickie Romig oversaw School-Connect implementation in multiple programs in Central Dauphin School District at Harrisburg, PA. Hear her suggestions on implementation.
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