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Frequently-Asked Questions

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How is School-Connect implemented?

School-Connect lessons are implemented in a variety of courses and programs, including

  • Freshman seminar: usually a one- or two-semester course designed to ease students' transition into high school socially, emotionally, and academically; most often presented in ninth grade but in some districts presented in eighth grade; a required course in schools implementing the smaller learning communities model
  • Student advisory: a guidance course facilitated by teachers that meets preferably 2-3 times a week throughout the year
  • Special education classes: self-contained classes for at-risk students that address life skills and study strategies
  • Ninth-Grade English: a grade-level course that uses School-Connect Literature Links and Writing Windows to integrate lesson content with novels, short stories, essays and poems found in most ninth grade English syllabi
  • Health: a one-semester course that integrates School-Connect lessons and prevention strategies with health content
  • Student Leadership: a one- or two-semester course that prepares and guides upper classmen in gaining School-Connect skills and presenting School-Connect lessons to incoming freshmen
  • Out of school programs: community-based programs and courses that prepare youth for success in school, work, and life in general

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Who should teach the curriculum?

Those who present the program should be comfortable with the concepts and strategies they will impart to students. It is helpful to have background and/or interest in social and emotional learning, character education, social skills training, drop-out prevention and/or violence prevention. Ideal presenters possess and apply many of these skills in their own life and see personal development as an ongoing, lifelong process—one that is both rewarding and enriching. Presenters, therefore, should be willing to work on skills they need to improve in themselves. This requires a certain amount of openness, humility, and humor on the part of teachers as they share the ups and downs of becoming socially and emotionally literate. Administrators should select presenters on this basis, rather than automatically assigning the course to teachers who happen to have a free period.

Do all implementing teachers need a curriculum?

All implementing teachers need a curriculum, and an ID and password for accessing the lesson PowerPoints. Modules may be purchased separately if they will be implemented by different teachers. Schools that wish to have all or most of the teaching staff implement at least some of the lessons, for example in advisory, may purcahse a school-wide license. (Call or e-mail School-Connect for more information about school licensing options.) The lessons and PowerPoints may not be copied or distributed; doing so, even without
monetary gain, violates copyright law and is a criminal activity.

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How long are the lessons?

Most lessons can be completed in 40 minutes but can be adjusted up or down, depending on the time available. Estimated times for various activities are provided within the lesson outline as an aid to teachers in pacing the lesson or fitting the lesson into shorter class periods, such as for advisory. A few lessons require two class periods, which is indicated at the top of the lesson outline.

Do I need to teach all the lessons or teach them in order?

Within a module, lessons are sequential and many build on one another. However, by choosing carefully, you may implement selected lessons within a module. Modules are also sequential but may be split among grade levels. A fourth module is under development for Grade 12.

How can I involve parents?

Parents learn about School-Connect primarily through several Reflection/Application assignments their teenaged children discuss and complete with them. Parents may also learn about the program through a brief Power Point presentation given by teachers who have attended School-Connect training.

Can I preview the program?

Yes, our program preview should provide you with a general understanding of the curriculum content and the depth of the lessons. We are sorry that we are unable to ship actual preview copies fof the entire curriculum; however, we offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Has School-Connect been evaluated? 

School-Connect has been evaluated throughout the development and implementation of its three editions. The findings of a 2016 study indicate that School-Connect has positive near-term effects on discipline, grades, and passing rates. Six months after the intervention, students who participated in the program still had lower disciplinary rates than those in a matched control group. In a 2014 study conducted by Multi-Dimensional Education Inc., researchers found that classrooms reporting higher levels of implementation (20 or more lessons) showed statistically significant higher, more healthy and positive levels of school climate, faculty fidelity, educational attitudes, and developmental perspectives than classrooms with lower implementation levels (fewer than 20 lessons). Similarly, in a 2014 pilot study of School-Connect, Third Edition “high-implementation” classes with teachers who taught 20 or more lessons showed significantly higher levels of student satisfaction and impact (improved grades, conflict resolution skills, relationships with friends and family, emotional management, and responsible decision-making) than “low implementation” classes (p < .001). See Evaluation

Additionally, many schools use the free School-Connect implementation, satisfaction, and outcome surveys to evaluate the effects of School-Connect on their campuses. See Evaluation Toolkit

In the early development of School-Connect, First Edition (2004-2005), the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning (CASEL) gave School-Connect high marks for comprehensive content and effective teaching strategies. CASEL assessed a pilot draft of the curriculum using an instrument designed to measure coverage of social and emotional competency areas. The curriculum received the highest score (Program Strength) in four out of five competency areas. Subsequently, School-Connect® authors added an additional skill development on negotiation skills to strengthen the remaining competency area.

How can I purchase the program?

School-Connect may be purchased with a

Signed purchase order from your district, school or organization (faxed or mailed)
Visa or Master Card (either through our online store or over the phone)
A check or money order accompanied by an order form
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How can I register the company School-Connect as a vendor in my district?

Email or fax (866-439-0581) us to request a completed W-9 and/or other documents required by your district (e.g., sole source letter). We will email them to you as an attachment, usually within the same business day. 

How much is shipping?

Within the continental U.S. and Canada, shipping and handling is 7% of the total order ($10 minimum). Outside of this area, charge is based on actual cost. Recipients are responsible for customs tax billed by their government.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Within the continental United States orders are normally delivered within 5 to 7 business days. East Coast deliveries can take as little as three business days.

Do I need training in order to implement School-Connect?

Training is not required to purchase the program. The lessons are designed for ease of use, but whether training is needed depends on the comfort level and experience of individual teachers. Teachers with a background in special education, psychology, and/or counseling attest to feeling immediately comfortable presenting the program. If your school or organization is planning to implement School-Connect within a grade level or in all grade levels, then it is very beneficial to attend a School-Connect Institute and/or receive on-site training and support from trained facilitators.

What kinds of training do you offer?

We offer one- and two-day staff training on-site at your school, district, or organization, and two-day School-Connect Institutes provided regionally. 

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"I am so convinced that the social and emotional skills involved in School-Connect is the other, complementary piece to a strong academic program."

--Julie Anna Glynn, English Teacher, Northridge Academy High School

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